Introduction To Terms of Usage

The usage terms acceptable have been defined, and these are vital legal instruments that will help in appropriate and justifiable governance over the behaviour showcased by us as a company and our respective customers.

You and us, both parties shall be rationally liable and our alliance shall come under governance by default for the acceptable adherence of the terms and conditions listed. Concerns, if any, shall be voiced in a straight-forward manner and brought to the notice of team at the earliest in order to mitigate any discrepancies that occur towards honouring the customer-company alliance agreement. If you accept the usage conditions that have been stated herewith, we shall presume total agreement on your part. The legal foretold rights shall be respected, and both parties shall be obligated to follow the terms in the righteous manner.

Once you access and our mobile application, please consider yourself legally bound with the usage terms that we have defined and in such an event if the aforementioned rules are not agreeable to you, then we would urge you to leave as there will not be a need to utilize our services under any obligation.

Certain imperative points have been mentioned in the next few sections which talk about from a holistic point of view. Please find the policies around applicability, consent, products and services in the further sections of the document.

Usage Terms

Consent And Applicability

  • The acceptable usage terms are applicable to you as a customer and to us as the company. As highlighted in the previous sections of the document, your choosing to accept the terms of usage will make you liable by the alliance agreement once you visit
  • According on our discretion, we will be asking you to confirm the acceptance of agreement at certain time intervals.
  • In the event of a disagreement of any rule stated by us, please do not use the services of as you are under no obligation to do so.
  • The consent and applicability of the agreement will be rational for both the parties i.e. you as customer and us as the company. This policy has to be respected until you decide to stop making use of services at your own discretion.

Services And Products

  • The main service offered by is copywriting. The written materials provided by us are unique in nature and will be used by you under strict conditions. If the terms are agreeable to you, then we shall presume cooperation from both parties.
  • The text materials with varying sizes on are unique and cover topics ranging from different domains.
  • Our range of services are highlighted onto an order form specially designed for orders
  • A special form for ordering that you will encounter within the range of services that we offer will be utilized for order submission.