Revision Policy at

Experience alone cannot solve the issue of trying to put in place the correct format of any text material after complaints from the customer or after an enormous request for a revision of the work done. We at are the best at revising your text materials for any errors pertaining to grammars, styles used in writing your, etc. To start with, it is of high importance and also of an advantage for our or any new customer to take their time and read through all our policies regarding documents revision before or prior to placing an order for it or requesting for a revision in case of our client.

For our new customers, we should remind you of the possibility of changing or altering your submitted documents as it will beneficial to make sure we edit or proofread your documents ourselves and from the scratch in order to avoid any misunderstanding. It is also important that you need to be aware that we shall not, in no circumstance(s) be held responsible for changing any format used in the writing of your documents, or changing the citations used in it.

The following points represents our company’s revision policy which you must go through thoroughly:


It is important to understand that before we begin to work on your request or revision of documents, we will have to verify your initial order. By verifying, we mean we will compare your first order based on a few things such as the criteria or the characteristics of the type of document you placed the order on, the number of pages as well as the word count. We might also check for other parameters with which you placed the order with. Should in case the first order is different from the new complaint laid, then your order will be rejected and treated as a new one.

  1. Submission of revision request

    In case your order was processed by us, it means you have the grace of seven days to either approve or request for a revision. We only welcome revision request via our company’s e-mail address placed on the website as any e-mail message containing revision request sent to other departments within our company shall not be treated nor responded to.

  2. Free revision

    For any order that was formerly placed via our web page, there is an automatic free revision giving to such client. This free revision can be used instead of placing a new order so as to revise your documents.

  3. Deadline for revision

    Although we have allocated free revision to all customer who placed an order but they need to be aware that this seven-day free revision can expire and the moment it expires, they will be required to place a new order.

Why do we need revision?

Once a writer completes a draft, he or she might not know or notice any mistakes or might have some features you would like to change. The first draft might seem good, but the next may not be. However, it is better to tackle any revision that may occur at every stage in order for it not to severely reflect the end product. Therefore, revision is very important not because our clients demand for it but because it saves us the stress of having to go back on already written documents and check for errors.