Privacy Policy for

First of all, we extend our heartiest welcome to you at We understand and realize the imperativeness of privacy policy with respect to our prospective users, especially when it comes to conducting business with them. The statements provided in this document govern the privacy policy and is applicable to the users who visit with the intention of conducting business or otherwise. This specially applies to the users who intend to utilize the services provided by

Our first emphasis is on personally identifiable information which is used in identifying, contacting and locating the person whom the information pertains to and includes, but not partial to, address, name, contact number, fax, financial profiles, email address, credit card information and social security number. Please be informed that we do not consider information collected in an anonymous form devoid of any identification or demographic information as personally identifiable information belong to any individual whom we have identified.

Nature of identifiable information collected

We might be collecting basic information for the user profile from our visitors. In addition to that, there might be additional information collected by us from the customers who are authorized. This information will most probably include phone numbers, email addresses, names, size and nature of business, size and nature of advertising that the customer wishes to sell or purchase.

We would like to let our customers know regarding the organizations that will be collecting information. Since in the previous section of the document, we already expressed the importance of collecting information directly from prospective clients and users who visit, we would like to inform our users about the possible involvement of third party vendors whose services we tend to rely on. These might range from clearinghouses, banks and credit card companies that provide payment gateway services to us and our clients. The range of services provided by these third-party vendors to might range from insurance, credit, as well as escrow services and the information for these aforementioned services will be collected from customers who are both authorized as well as visitors to The functioning of these third-party vendors is not under the control and jurisdiction of and the information provided by clients is used in a justifiable manner in order to provide the best form of services to the clients.

The only way in which these vendors are regulated by us is the assurance that they give us regarding the manner in which the information of our clients will be used, so as to preserve confidential information of authorized customers as well as visitors. Please be informed that some third party vendors might be intermediaries who will be acting solely in a distribution chain and will not be storing any of the information related to the clients that is used by them.